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ISBC Group has implemented convenient contactless wearables as new form-factors of contactless payment system for Moscow transport hub

The ISBC Company has implemented a project on creating convenient and modern contactless wearables for ticketing in different forms-factors, such as key fobs, rings, silicone and leather wristbands, and stickers on the phone. The introduction of such accessories has allowed the world's largest Moscow transport hub to improve the accessibility of travel tickets, reduce the load on the infrastructure and, by reducing traffic in public places, increase safety at transport enterprises during a difficult epidemiological situation.

Moscow Transport Hub: the largest infrastructure system in the world

The Moscow transport hub is one of the largest infrastructure systems in the world. The subway, land and water transport, and the Moscow Central Diameters constitute a single transport hub, which, alongside London's, is considered the most massive in terms of coverage of the megapolis inhabitants.

Back in 2018, Moscow ranked among the top 10 global megacities in terms of convenience and efficiency of the transportation system, according to McKinsey global study.

Back in 2018, Moscow ranked among the top 10 global megacities in terms of convenience and efficiency of the transportation system, according to a McKinsey global study.
The synchronization of all structures ensures a high level of safety and comfort for passengers. Five years ago, Moscow successfully switched to a single travel card - the Troika Card, which allows paying for a trip on almost any transport.
The introduction of the contactless fare payment system was an innovative breakthrough for the city. It significantly increased the level of comfort for passengers.

New Requirements for Safety and Convenience

Moscow transport hub is continuously applying innovative solutions to increase the efficiency of the entire system and the comfort level and safety for passengers. ISBC Group had the challenge to increase the availability of fare collection and the introduction of alternative contactless identifiers. The ultimate goal of the project was to create more convenient tech accessories to improve the efficiency of transport items within the system. The company conducted numerous studies on consumer preferences and behaviors.
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The solution: alternative form factors. Key fob transport card is a convenient, technological, and efficient NFC transport accessory

The ISBC Group was certified by the Moscow Metro and selected as the manufacturer of the Troika card based on the results of tenders. To make the transport cards secure and safe, the company applies protected personalization systems with SAM modules.

The next stage in the development of the transport tickets was the creation of alternative forms of contactless cards. Now, they are available in the form of key fobs, rings, silicone and leather wristbands.
Alternative form factors solve several problems for transportation companies at once.
The retail sales network for wearables allows reducing the load on the infrastructure of the transportation hub. One can buy the key fobs remotely - through subway online stores and ICBS, in subway gift stores, at stations in vending machines, in large online marketplaces OZON and Wildberries.
This way we can reduce traffic at the subway entrance and decrease the chance of spreading infection.

The likelihood that a passenger will leave the RFID key fob with the keys at home is much lower than with the common PVC transport card. Accordingly, if a citizen does not forget his transport wearables, he will not buy a one-time ticket. This reduces traffic at the subway entrance and decreases the chance of spreading infection.

The wallet balance can be topped up remotely - via an Internet bank or cell phone account, which also reduces the load on individual infrastructure elements.
By putting unique graphic information on the key fob of the transport card, it is possible to build a communication with passengers. The passage ticket is among the items the metropolis inhabitants use most frequently. Form-factors of contactless payment systems of different design can be used as a means of communication with the citizens.
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