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ISBC Key with the integrated Mastercard PayPass and transport ticketing app was issued by ISBC for Chelyabinvestbank

The integration of the bank and transport card, made on the ISBC Key, allowed Chelyabinvestbank to offer customers new advantages. The key fob provides all the features of a transport card: passengers can use it to pay for transport in Chelyabinsk, Russia at a discount. And besides - to top up the transport application through Chelyabinvestbank online banking, to monitor the balance and ride history in transport.
Moreover, the ISBC Key is a bank card, and with it, one can make easy contactless payments in all stores that accept Mastercard, control transactions in mobile app and on websites, and participate in Chelyabinvestbank cashback program.

Chelyabinvestbank: the largest financial institution in the region

PJSC Chelyabinvestbank takes one of the leading positions in the financial market of the South Urals and is one of the top 100 banks in Russia.
It specializes in providing banking products and services to legal entities and individuals. The financial organization has a moderately high credit rating from the agency Expert RA at the level of ruA.
The bank's network is concentrated in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia and includes a head office, nine branches, 88 additional offices, and an operating cash desk.

Municipal Unitary Enterprise Traffic Management Service is an operator of the region's transport app

The organization operates the municipal passenger transport companies. In addition, MUE TMS is the operator of the Automated Fare Collection System for the public transport of Chelyabinsk.

Creating a multifunctional banking product and services to attract customers

The bank set a goal to create a secure and convenient form-factor of contactless payment and transport ticketing. As a result, ISBC implemented a unique project to combine two systems, financial and transport, in one accessory with an NXP microchip

At the first stage of the project, ISBC manufactured key fobs and encoded on them a transport app according to the MUE TMS technical specification to implement the functions of a transport card. After that, the key fobs were handed over to the bank.

Financial institutions have equipment for issuing standard bank cards. However, it does not allow manufacturing bank cards in the form of the key fobs. Therefore, at the second stage, ISBC created and handed over to Chelyabinskbank special software for personalizing each form-factor as a bank card.
The ISBC Key with the Mifare NXP chip was certified by Visa and Mastercard payment systems
Let us voice the advantages of using RFID key fob ISBC Key for your project
The ISBC Key with the Mifare NXP chip was certified by Visa and Mastercard payment systems. The RFID antenna of the key fob, designed in the ISBC RFID laboratory, allowed the production of a small key fob antenna fully compliant with EMVCo requirements for ID1-sized bank cards.

The NXP JCOP platform was chosen to create the multifunctional key fob. It allowed using Mastercard payment applet for the banking app and Mifare Plus for the transport app.
A total of 6,000 multi-functional contactless key fobs were produced under the pilot project.
See the full range of RFID chips and frequencies available for ISBC Key

Multi-functional ISBC Key is a payment wearable with the transport app based on NXP microchip

The payment and transport key fob have a convenient shape and size so it can always be on the key fob with the house or car keys. Such a contactless key is harder to lose or leave at home. This increases the level of comfort in everyday life and, therefore, the level of loyalty, and trust in the financial institution on the part of its clients grows.

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