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ISBC Key news

The Key Fob for Contactless Payment by PJSC Chelyabinvestbank that Functions as Unified Transport and Bank Card.

PJSC Chelyabinvestbank together with the Chelyabinsk Authorities and the international payment system Mastercard with the technical assistance from the ISBC Company announces a new product - a key fob for contactless payment that combines transport and contactless bank card technologies.

On the one hand, the key fob provides the entire range of transport card functions: with one touch, you can pay a reduced fare while you take public transport in Chelyabinsk. Moreover, in the online version of Chelyabinvestbank, you can replenish the transport app of the key fob, monitor the balance and number of your trips in public transport.

On the other hand, the key fob allows receiving at full all services that a bank card can provide. With it, you can quickly and conveniently one-touch pay for purchases in stores over the world where contactless Mastercard cards are accepted, make payments via mobile apps and on websites using the card details. When needed, the user can upload the bank's cashback program to the key fob.

The key fob is of handy shape and size, one can add it to the set of house or car keys. Within a special offer by Chelyabinvestbank, the user can receive the key fob free of charge complementary to the existing card or a newly issued one.