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ISBC Key news

Russian Key Fob ISBC Pay is Certified by Mastercard

The key fob ISBC Pay designed for banking is internationally certified. The RFID key fob comes with the official seal of approval from Mastercard and, besides, shows compliance with EMVCo standards. The novelty is produced in Zelenograd at the enterprise of the Russian ISBC Group of Companies.

The key fob ISBC Pay supplemented by payment options is a new stage in the evolution of bank cards. The new home-grown technology can combine all the bank cards’ opportunities with the opportunities of office passcards, intercom electronic keys, transport and bonus cards and other non-financial services. The payment key fob gives full rein to contactless transactions.

Unlike regular fragile space-occupying cards, the key fob designed by ISBC is space-saving (24.6x51 mm), durable and always close at hand. It replaces a whole bundle of bank, transport and bonus cards, passes and electronic keys. Today, key fobs ISBC are used in 60 regions of Russia and exported to 22 countries of the world.

The payment key fob ISBC Pay is made of self-healing material, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. The payment key fob doesn’t need to be hidden in your wallet, you can carry it with the keys in your pocket or your handbag. It is both scratch and scuff proof.

“The Russian payment key fob ISBC Pay has passed all required tests, including an assessment of the innovative form factor, and received official approval from MasterCard. The ISBC Group of Companies has developed an ideal NFC wearable device for the modern world with a frenetic pace of life, where a person must always have the payment identifier close at hand. The payment key fob based on RFID key fob ISBC Key provides a person with access to digital services of the megapolis and becomes a key to the Smart City that everyone needs, ”- said Alexander Yakichev, Director of the Department of Smart Cards and ISBC Equipment