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Fresh Approach to Finance by SBI Bank and ISBC

Fresh Approach to Finance by SBI Bank and ISBC
SBI Bank as part of the large Japanese corporation SBI Holdings that portrays itself as a family savings and loan bank has created the Svoy Krug system for managing family finances. The program consists of adult and children's mobile apps, a debit and credit card, RFID payment key fob ISBC Key with a school permit, and protection against spoofing due to lack of a CVC code. The use of RFID key fobs ISBC, which are compact, convenient, and reliable, favorably compares Svoy Krug with regular payment solutions by other banks.
Using Svoy Krug, SBI bank clients can easily hold the family purse strings. This convenient mobile app allows setting up purchase limits, analyzing the family expenses as a whole and for every member separately. Besides, Svoy Krug users can join a family loyalty program. The more joint purchases, the bigger the savings.

In 2020, the bank is planning the extensive development of the savings and loan product line that will in the best way meet the main needs of most Russian families.
Svoy Krug together with the RFID key fob ISBC makes your life a lot easier.

About SBI Holdings
SBI Bank is a high-tech savings and loan bank that both offers online solutions for family finance management, loans and deposits, products and services for entrepreneurs, and provides services for large corporate clients.
The bank has been in the Russian market since 1994. In 2017, it became part of a large Japanese corporation SBI that integrated over 250 major fintech companies, high-tech and biotechnological projects in the countries of Asia. SBI Group is among online banking leaders in Japan and South Korea and a world-beater in blockchain technology. SBI Holdings controls the investment funds in the amount of $ 8.2 billion.