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ISBC Key news

ISBC Key Will Let you Win the Competition for Clients in the Banking Business

Nowadays, there is a steady increase in competition among banking retailers. They offer clients an increasingly wider range of services: cashback, advantageous rates, promotions, partner discounts, loans, instalments, loyalty programs and many others. People are getting lost in the insane multitude of the proposals and, very often, make decisions impulsively, in the emotion of the moment or in response to bright ads.

The competition for the client never stops, it transfers from bank offices and regular media to new communication channels. Bank cards compete for a place in a wallet while mobile apps compete for a leader position on a smartphone screen. Excessive marketing campaigns and special promotions mislead the consumer who only wants to make payments in a simple and hassle-free manner.

If a customer tries to follow the entire list of services offered, he will find out that it is physically impossible. Over the past three years, he had to change card products three times. His first card was a magnetic stripe one, the next was a contact chip card, today, it is a contactless card. But does the consumer need all these complex and unclear services? Often, he discovers humiliating conditions hidden under an asterisk and written with tiny letters on a hard-to-reach page of the site and completely loses trust in the banking system.
The classic marketing technique for creating unique competitive advantages means detaching from the competitors and creating a unique competitive advantage. Today, the main demand of the client is tangible comfort and ease of use. By providing convenient and hassle-free services, the bank propels the retail business to a new level, and the consumer perceives it as a leader.

In the contactless payment area, the key fob ISBC Pay has become a product that creates unique competitive advantages. It is not like regular payment devices since it’s of pocket size (1/3 of a bank card) and is always close at hand. RFID key fob allows integrating all types of access simultaneously alongside contactless payments and digital services existing in the metropolis.

The product developer, ISBC Group of Companies, have applied modern consumer motivation techniques widely used by market leaders. A subconscious link forms between tactile sensations, convenient using the key fob and a positive motif in the form of buying the thing you like, having dinner at your favourite restaurant and other services. And every time you touch the key fob ISBC Pay fixed in the bunch of your apartment or car keys, you’ll recollect the convenience and ease of use.

Russian users have already bought this RFID key fob type over a million times within various access and identification projects as evidence that the product is in demand.