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ISBC Key news

Rigla and ISBC Have Created a Co-Brand System Based on RFID Key Fobs ISBC Key

The federal pharmacy chain Rigla and the ISBC Group of Companies have created a digital co-brand system using rewritable RFID key fobs ISBC Key. The solution based on radio frequency identification technologies made it possible to integrate the INVITE Bonus Program by the pharmacy network and transport cards Troika into a single up-to-date carrier.

Lots of discount and transport cards, pass cards and intercom keys pose challenges for the megapolis residents. They can leave them at home, lose, or the cards can become unfit to use. Programmable RFID key fobs ISBC Key combines the opportunity to get access to an office or residential complex, bonus programs and transport cards features. The solution is secure due to the unique UID number on each chip requested by default for each transaction to prevent counterfeiting.

Using a single ISBC Key carrier, Muscovites will be able to pay for trips on public transport with the Troika transport app and get discounts on medical products in the Rigla network. RFID key fobs made of materials that comply with Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 are robust, durable and have self-healing coating.

“The modern Smart City concept is being implemented today. We no longer rummage in our pockets in search of minor coins since digital technologies used for contactless identification allow us to have trips in public transport, quickly pay for purchases, get discounts, get access to the office or home. But piles of cards recede into the past. Programmable RFID key fobs ISBC Key are becoming keys to the Smart City for Muscovites, combining all types of services and access within one carrier ”, - said Alena Grudtzyna, Head of ISBC Sales Department, Loyalty and Retail subdivisions.

“A customer-focused approach is among the main trends of business development in the Rigla pharmacy chain. The introduction of a single carrier ISBC Key that combines the options of plastic cards necessary in everyday life which allow you to pay for travel around the city and purchase a pharmacy assortment at a discount means giving care for megapolis residents in order to provide them with convenience and comfort. For our customers, it is another opportunity to get utmost convenience and time savings while shopping due to the most state-of-the-art technologies, ”- commented Alexander Filippov, the General Director of Rigla Pharmacy Chain.

About Rigla Pharmacy Chain. Rigla Pharmacy Chain is a retail segment of the Protek Group of Companies. On December 31, 2017, the network consisted of 2,031 drug storehouses in 49 regions of Russia. The company develops three formats of pharmacies: Rigla pharm markets, Be healthy! near home drug stores and Zhivika discounters.
Health Pharm Markets is the main format of the Rigla pharmacy chain, based on an open display and standing out due to high standards of service. Here, buyers can independently examine and select the goods of interest. Highly qualified pharmacies’ employees are gun-ho to give advice and help you make a wise choice. Moreover, customers can try a variety of additional services.

Here, one can find the most modern medical and beauty products.
In the Rigla pharm markets, a loyalty program runs called PRIVATE based on a progressive scale of accumulating bonus points with purchases. One can use the points to pay up to half of the check amount, and this share can be increased during special promotions.

"Multifunctional identifiers are planning over 20 different co-branding projects in the capital and several dozen in the regions. In the short run, new types of electronic media will also come out that combine even more functions and opportunities, ”- emphasized Alexander Yakichev, the Director of the ISBC Smart Cards and Equipment Department.

About the Information System Pass and Meals
The information system Pass and Meals has been running in the schools of the capital since 2012. Now, over 3.5 thousand educational organizations of the city are equipped with it. It is over 90 % of school buildings and 70 % of buildings that have pre-school groups in Moscow. About 930 thousand schoolchildren, 810 thousand parents of pre-school children, and over 175 thousand employees of educational institutions have e-cards and bracelets.