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ISBC Key news

ISBC Pay is an Innovative Contactless RFID Key Fob for the Future Financial Ecosystem

To increase the frequency and volume of non-cash transactions and even fully conceal cash money, retailers have long needed a new payment carrier option, convenient and multifunctional - a single one. Ideally, this device is expected to be the user’s essential but not eye-catching. For example, a bunch of house keys, or watches.

Believe it or not, but such a carrier exists, it was invented in Russia and has been used for over three years by now, so, meet the contactless key fob ISBC Key. The product has shown exceptional efficiency in everyday life. It was designed for the school and fuel "card" market but is used for good advantage in hundreds of other projects at home and abroad.

In April 2018, the ISBC Group of Companies, a leading Russian manufacturer of smart cards and RFID identifiers, developed its new version, an RFID key fob ISBC Pay with payment systems’ functionality. It complies with EMVCo standards and the payment systems regulations, including MasterCard. The new contactless key fob for banking is compact (24.6x51 mm), durable and always close at hand thus ensuring an increase in the number and amount of non-cash transactions.

RFID key fob ISBC Key combines all functions of bank cards and non-financial services. Integration of bank cards with city services: transport cards, office pass cards ASC, e-keys, and bonus cards allow comfortable living in a modern city. Access to the office and corporate parking, vending machines and coffee machines, gyms, loyalty programs and lots of other facilities can be combined on a single wearable device made in Russia.

The daily cycle of using the RFID key fob ISBC Key begins with a cup of coffee in the morning at the nearest café or getting in public transport and ends in the evening when you open the door through your intercom.

RFID key fob ISBC Key unlike a regular card never breaks even when you try to bend it and never looks shabby. The self-healing protective antimicrobial composite coating allows you to carry the key fob in your pocket or a bunch of keys. At the same time, the Bank's brand will always be in sight, thereby providing non-intrusive ads.

An NFC wearable device – contactless key fob sets the stage for the Bank to create a financial ecosystem of the digital era:
  •  The client interacts with you dozens of times a day
  •  Secure payment key fob connected to your Bank is always in your pocket
  •  Additional services for all intents and purposes;
  •  Concealing cash, shift to non-cash transactions

“We have created ISBC Pay, an innovative RFID key fob for the future financial ecosystem. The integration of contactless payments and digital services into a single convenient device made in Russia offers new advantages for retail banking. RFID key fob ISBC Key, unlike regular bank cards, is always close at hand. It is very often used as an intercom electronic key, access control card/ pass, transport card, loyalty card thus dramatically increasing the number of transactions. This ISBC technology provides the growth of financial indicators in the banking system and the amount of non-cash payments made by people”, - said Alexander Yakichev, the Director of the Smart Cards and ISBC Equipment Department.