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ISBC Key news

Contactless Key Fob ISBC Pay Combines All Bank Cards Functions with Non-Financial Services

NFC wearable payment devices are becoming a new stage in bank cards development. The ISBC Group of Companies has developed a contactless RFID key fob ISBC Pay that complies with EMVCo standards and payment systems regulations. It is space-effective (24.6x51 mm), convenient, durable and always close at hand, ensuring the growth in the number and volume of non-cash transactions.

Contactless key fob ISBC Pay combines all bank cards functions with non-financial services. Integration of bank cards into city services, such as transport cards, access control passes, electronic keys, and bonus cards allows comfortable living in a modern city. Access to the office and corporate parking, vending machines and coffee machines, gyms, loyalty programs and many other places and objects are united on a single NFC wearable device made in Russia.

The key fob ISBC Pay, apart from a regular card, will never break, even if you try to bend it, and will not get shabby. The self-healing antimicrobial composite protective cover allows you to carry the key fob in your pocket or key bunch. At the same time, the Bank's brand will always be in sight, close to the client.

“We have developed the contactless key fob ISBC Pay as an innovative RFID key fob for the future financial ecosystem. Contactless payments and digital services combined in one convenient device made in Russia offer new advantages for retail banking. The contactless key fob, unlike regular cards, is always close at hand. It is very often used as an electronic key, access pass, transport card, thus sharply increasing the number of transactions. The developing ISBC provides the growth of financial indicators in the banking system and volume of non-cash payments by population ", - said Alexander Yakichev, the Director of the ISBC Smart Cards and Equipment Department.