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ISBC Key news

Transport Cards Strelka with the Troika Card Attached in the form of RFID key fob ISBC Key are Released

Since May 2017, residents of the Moscow region can buy special contactless key fobs the ISBC Key Strelka with the Troika card attached. In terms of functionality, the contactless key fob doesn’t differ from the regular plastic cards, it has two transport apps with independent balances.

The ISBC Key-type transport card is convenient!
An RFID key fob is made of high quality and safe materials, it is waterproof and resistant to mechanical damage. The key fob coating provides protection against fading (UV protection) and antimicrobial effect. Since the material has high elasticity, the surface can "heal" dents or minor scratches after contacting with keys, for instance.

With the Strelka key fob, one can pay for all public transport trips in the Moscow Region, including buses, minibuses, trams, trolleybuses, all types of water transport, as well as record a single-journey ticket or season ticket for local trains.

With the Troika key fob, you can pay for the journey on Moscow city public transport, local trains, Aeroexpress Trains, as well as entrance fee to the interactive museum Lunarium, Moscow Zoo, etc.

Where to buy it?
One can buy RFID key fobs Strelka with the attached Troika card at the souvenir shops of the SUE Moscow Metro at the stations Arbatskaya, Ploshchad Revolyutsii, Pushkinskaya, and Paveletskaya.

Additional sales offices run in Sberbank corporate stores in Moscow, Vavilov Str.,19, and in the suburban village of Anosino near Moscow, Istrinsky District. One may order the key fob delivery in the ilovesberbank.ru online store (sold by ZAO Sberbank-AST )