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ISBC Key news

RFID Key Fobs ISBC Key and SILITAG Bracelets Will Help Schoolchildren in the Capital of Kazakhstan

The ISBC Group of Companies is still developing Smart City technologies that are improving the living standards for the megalopolises’ residents. Multifunction RFID ISBC Key fobs and SILITAG® bracelets now used in 60 regions of Russia are gaining popularity abroad. The Astana Transport Holding, Astana LRT, after a long and detailed analysis of all analogues, including the foreign ones, has chosen RFID identifiers ISBC.

It is a fact that regular transport cards are less than convenient. Especially for school children, who lose or break them too often. RFID fobs ISBC Key and SILITAG bracelets designed by Russian ISBC are room-saving, reliable and extremely hard-to-break. One can replenish them in the same way as regular transport cards.

RFID key fobs ISBC Key are almost 4 times smaller than smart cards, that is why one can place them into a bunch of house keys. The distinguished design makes them a nice-looking accessory, and collectors really seek possession of the ISBC Key limited editions. SILITAG bracelets are well-secured from moving on the wrist, they are hypoallergenic, safe-health level and approved for use by children.

“Multifunctional wearable devices are now becoming the key to Smart City services. Unlike smartphones, they do not need charging and do not emit high-frequency waves, RFID Key fobs ISBC and SILITAG bracelets will never turn discharged, they are fully safe for children. That is why schools in Moscow and many cities in Russia use them as schoolchildren's cards and integrate into them the lunches and trips on public transport. From now on, Astana students will be able to join at full the benefits of ISBC design loved by children, ”- said Alexander Yakichev, the Director of the Smart Cards and ISBC Equipment Department