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ISBC Key news

RFID Key Fobs ISBC Key for Retail Loyalty Systems

Digital technology is making retail different. Information systems provide efficient business management and cost optimization. But customer interaction in the offline retail area remains as before.

The central failure of discount and bonus programs is the lack of uniqueness. Being earlier a competitive advantage of retail sailing, they are becoming commonplace. The main problem is using standard plastic cards having a QR- or barcode. When going to the store, a person must be sure that the card is with him/her or tell his/her mobile phone number at the checkout, disclosing personal data to other purchasers. Hundreds of cards that the residents of modern megapolises hold make loyalty systems absolutely senseless.

The loyalty system can be much better! Integration of bonus cards into city services: transport cards, office permits, e-keys, and contactless payments will assure comfort for megapolis residents.

For that to happen, RFID key fobs ISBC are used as a patented product that was developed in Zelenograd and is now manufactured there. They replace standard loyalty systems cards and are multi-functional: contactless payments, office permits, intercom. The device integrates loyalty systems into the digital environment of the Smart City, providing HF RFID identification at 13.56 MHz.

The RFID key fob ISBC is compatible with the standard NFC (Near Field Communication) common to most modern smartphones. Retail chains can implement this set of functions in their mobile app, thus making cards uploading easier or eliminating boring verification when signing in personal accounts.