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ISBC Key news

Bank and Transport Biometric Cards in ISBC Key by MOBY

The MobyLabs UK Company teamed up with ISBC to unveil Secure IoT Platform, a unique hardware and software cloud solution for managing contactless products and the first platform ready for commercial launch and based on an RFID NFC Key (NFC Key ® Pro and NFC Key ® Sense). The NFC Key ® Pro is a pocket-size wearable device that allows the wearer to securely store and use any apps that run through NFC or BLE interfaces, for example, bank cards, transport cards, OTP key generators or FIDO U2F / UAF apps. And due to the Secure IoT Platform Cloud used, one can receive products of this kind directly from the developer through the user's smartphone.

NFC Key Sense adds an extra security layer using an integrated fingerprint reader by Fingerprint Cards AB. Biometric security software in the form of individual apps allows implementing any customer security scenarios.

NFC Key Pro / Sense by MobyLabs and ISBC are an advance in user data management. The platform strives to provide the highest level of data security while following the usability principle. NFC Key returns control over personal data to the user and provides an unprecedented protection level.

"Integration of biometrics into the activated RFID key fob NFC Key Pro ensures maximum security. Now, all bank, bonus, transport cards and NFC / BLE apps are within one device protected against unauthorized access," - said Nikita Kozhemyakin, the ISBC Group Managing Director.