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ISBC Key news

Universal RFID-Identifier for Smart City Services Developed by ISBC

The ISBC Group of Companies has started production of new ISBC Key HF + LF RFID Identifiers at the own plant in Zelenograd, Russia. A pocket-size contactless key fob three times smaller than the smart card combines RFID chips for use in all Smart City services, intercoms and access systems (ACS). The novelty is made for business centers, hotels, resorts, residential complexes and large facilities having several identification systems covered by different standards, HF (13.56 MHz) or LF (125 kHz).

Today radio frequency identification (RFID) is the most widely used IoT technology since it is cost-effective and efficient. Any megalopolis resident interacts with almost all services of the Smart City through contactless identification. RFID key fobs and smart cards are used in transport projects and contactless payments as passes, ski passes, modern intercoms and retail loyalty systems. But to integrate all their features, one has to use a single frequency range.

The new compound ISBC Key HF + LF combines the most common identification standards. The chips LF - EM-Marine, HF - MIFARE, I-Code, NTAG (1 option to choose from) are applied. Today RFID ISBC Key fobs are already used in 60 regions of Russia and exported to 22 world countries.
“In recent years, the HF identification standard has become most popular. But many objects are partially equipped with LF frequency systems. For the integrated access, we have developed a compound ISBC Key HF + LF and now produce it in Zelenograd. Now, a hotel or resort visitor doesn’t need a stack of smart cards since our durable waterproof RFID key fob has become the key to all services, ”- said Alexander Yakichev, the Smart Cards and ISBC Equipment Department Director.