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ISBC Key news

RFID key fobs ISBC and ePerso Pay are Certified for Banks Co-branding with Retailer

The ISBC Group of Companies has successfully completed the certification of its ePerso Pay solution and RFID key fobs to implement projects for co-branding banks, retailers, and gas stations. ISBC products have been tested by the SCANTEC certification laboratory. The test results proved compatibility with the loyalty app LoyApp Refined.

From now on, convenient pocket-sized RFID key fobs ISBC become a unified platform for contactless payments and awarding bonus points in retail chains. You are awarded points when you buy goods from retailers and gas up your car at the gas station. You can exchange them for goods or services.
Co-branded contactless key fobs have an apparent advantage - they increase the volume of contactless bank transactions, the revenue of retail chains and gas stations. For bank customers, the RFID key fob ISBC becomes the most convenient means of payment. Being pocket-sized (1/3 of a bank card) and highly durable, it is always easy to carry and can fully use the advantages of contactless payments alongside bonuses within retail loyalty programs.

RFID key fobs ISBC differ from bank cards due to their specific surface design, where a nice to the touch compound is applied. The product made within the corporate style of the customer, a co-brand of the bank having a retail network, generates visual and tactile ads "at your fingertips." It ensures the ever-growing number of contactless transactions and high user loyalty.

“RFID key fobs ISBC put a new spin into the payment tools development by using unique marketing opportunities. They combine visual and tactile ads for the customers with sales promotion through loyalty programs. The platform we created has the LoyApp Refined loyalty app by SCANTEC that provides the banks, retailers and gas stations with a turning out from competitors, growth of both customer database and financial indicators, ”- said the Marketing and PR Manager of the ISBC Group of Companies.