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Contactless NFC wearable ISBC Key has become a convenient replacement for a regular fuel card for gas stations

ISBC Group has created contactless fuel cards in the form of an NFC key fob for the net of Belarusian petrol stations A-100. This wearable became a convenient and functional replacement for the "regular" plastic card.
The key fob is convenient for everyday use since you can add it to your car keys and always have them at hand at the gas station. Moreover, with it, the company can increase brand awareness because the key fobs are always in the driver's vision.

A-100: a large network of gas stations in Belarus, developing its system of fuel cards for gas stations

Established in 1994, the Astotrading company develops a network of oil stations throughout Belarus under the brand "A-100. The company is aimed at high-quality goods and a European level of service to its clients. Astrotrading develops its loyalty program Dzyakuy and processes fuel cards on its IT platform.

Special fuel cards for gas stations as ISBC Key fobs were issued within the loyalty program. The advantages of the Dzyakuy fuel card are discounts of up to 50% for partner services, gifts from the brand, and other privileges.
To reduce losses from fuel cards for gas stations and to create a unique wearable for customer that will distinguish the company from competitors
The gas station fuel cards have a standard form that has significant drawbacks. This type of fuel card is easy to forget at home. Besides, they are always out of sight, for example, in the wallet, which means it is easy to forget about the privileges they provide.

The Astotrading Company sets a goal to create a type of fuel card that, first, will always be with a client. And third, it will improve communication with the customers. At the same time, the entire processing of fuel cards is carried out within the Astotrading IT system.

Specialists of ISBC Group offered a convenient and highly functional ISBC Key as an alternative to regular fuel cards having lots of advantages over other form factors:

The main advantage of the fuel card in the form of a key fob is its convenience for everyday use. The key fob can be added to your car keys, which means that it is almost impossible to leave it at home
Any customer data can be uploaded to a key fob, which is always visible to customers: drivers always carry keys with them
Learn about the methods available for printing variable data on the surface of RFID key fob ISBC Key
Pay special attention to the key fob fuel cards advantages for the corporate sector. Due to their convenient shape, fuel cards can be handed from one driver to another through the shifts. It is a thing of importance for trucking companies, where drivers work in different time slots and carsharing companies. This type of fuel card is also convenient for taxi fleet employees and service vehicle drivers.

Astotrading quickly switched to the key fob form factor of a fuel card since it did not require any changes to the fuel card processing.
Let us voice the advantages of using RFID key fob ISBC Key for your project

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