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ISBC has developed a multifunctional RFID key fob
for ticketing, payment, access home, to the office or school

ISBC Group has brought to the market a new technological product – a multifunctional RFID key fob that integrates contactless access and payment app on one carrier.
By purchasing an ISBC Key, customers receive, alongside a transport card, an intercom key fob, or a passage ticket alongside a bank card. Such an accessory, due to its versatility, is more convenient in daily use than cards with different functions.
The project has attracted the attention of major developers, banks, transport companies, and telecom operators that implement smart home systems.

Objective: To create a multifunctional and convenient RFID key for city infrastructure

In a modern city, we are constantly in need of universal RFID keys that provide access to various services. Residents of a megalopolis must carry with them a single transport card, an NFC key to an intercom, an access card to an office or campus card (the so-called access control system - ACS). When going to work, school, or college in the morning, a citizen should take at least three personal identifiers with him. It often happens that we forget one of them, and this is a big inconvenience.

ISBC Group has assigned the task to create a universal RFID key fob for everyday use. To do this, it was necessary to combine different functions on one wearable: for example, a transport card and door key, or a transport card and a payment element.

As a result, ISBC Key was created for the three most promising options:

A key fob transport card together with an NFC key for an ip-intercom
Key fob transport card together with a bank card
Key fob transport card with an access control card for an office system

New opportunities for developers, housing management companies, banking, and educational institutions. A transport card united with an access control card

Issuing a transport card in any form factor is a technically complex process which can only be organized at a company that has special certified equipment.

The first stage is the manufacture of the transport card at the ISBC Group production plant. After that, other functions can be added to the form factor.

ISBC Group sees great potential in cooperation with developers and housing management companies. They can order a single transport card for their customers alongside an NFC key for the intercom. A convenient and elegant ISBC Key can be branded and contain information intended for residents.

The key fob is also an interesting solution for office centres and educational institutions. Responsible personnel can add an access control system - ACS - to the form factor with a single transport card.
In addition, a transport card on the key fob can be combined with a PayPass and Paywave payment. In this case, it becomes both a transport ticket and a bank card.
Learn about the methods available for printing variable data on the surface of RFID key fob ISBC Key

Advantages for transport companies: reduced costs of transport cards manufacture and partnership for distributing tickets

Transport companies invest large sums of money in the manufacture of travel tickets, logistics, and providing infrastructure for sales. These costs can be reduced by placing an order for manufacturing RFID key fobs with transport apps in partnership with real estate developers or housing management companies. In this case, the distribution of key fobs is carried out by a partner company, plus customers can purchase them in online stores. Alongside the reduction in the cost of transport cards manufacture and distribution, the transport company receives royalties for the trademark.
Let us voice the advantages of using RFID key fob ISBC Key for your project

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