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Access control

Secure NFC key fob for the smart home project has been manufactured by ISBC Group for Rostelecom

Cooperation between ISBC Group and Rostelecom resulted in the creation of a convenient and safe NFC key for the "smart house" project. It allows access to the apartment houses equipped with modern IP-door phone devices.
The MIFARE Plus technology from the NXP company used in ISBC Key fobs provides the highest level of protection against counterfeiting or copying.

Rostelecom: national telecom operator

Rostelecom is Russia's largest integrated provider of digital services and solutions. The company develops an ecosystem of digital services for apartments and homes. A comprehensive smart home solution helps to ensure security and manage households remotely. With the smart intercom, you can monitor order and cleanliness and get sure that there are no strangers in the yard and entranceway. All the smart digital services for apartments and buildings are within a single app Rostelecom Key

Modern and highly functional NFC key fob ISBC Key for smart intercom: a new level of security and comfort for Rostelecom customers

Since 2017, Rostelecom has been consistently working on digital infrastructure development and creating a smart home system. One of its constituent elements is a modern device for access to the building - a key for IP intercom. The options previously considered by the company did not meet the strict requirements for security and functionality.

In the course of negotiations with Rostelecom representatives, a task was assigned to create a tamper-proof and copy-proof, easy-to-use, and nice-looking accessory for "smart house" system users. In addition, the company expressed a desire to order and deliver NFC keys for the IP intercom. Since Rostelecom works all over the country, it was required to produce batches of NFC dongles of different size and deliver them to different regions of Russia.
Learn about the methods available for printing variable data on the surface of RFID key fob ISBC Key
They met all our requirements during the ISBC Key project implementation. ISBC Group specialists have created an NFC intercom key in the form of an RFID key fob. It has many advantages over products by other companies:
The challenge:
Complete security
The solution:
NFC intercom key is protected from hacking and copying
by encryption technology
The challenge:
The solution:
The form-factor of the RFID key fob is conveniently combined with the keys and comfortable for everyday use
The challenge:
The solution:
The key fobs for the IP intercom carry all the data required by the tenants and barcode providing access to other Rostelecom services
The challenge:
The solution:
The key fobs for the smart intercom have a beautiful design in Rostelecom corporate style
The challenge:
Flexible delivery
The solution:
ISBC Group sends NFC intercom key fobs of different volumes to any region of Russia at the same price, which does not depend on the order size and delivery cost.
ISBC Group also ensures electronic uploading of the database for each shipment

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